Australian Merino breed - copyright INIA-UY

Fossés Goats at pasture in Brittany - copyright CAPGENES

British Texel shearling rams in field - copyright Texel Society

Alpine goats on a pasture in canton Valais - copyright FiBL

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all-day SMARTER project at 73rd Annual M... @ Porto, Portugal
SMARTER project at 73rd Annual M... @ Porto, Portugal
Sep 5 – Sep 9 all-day
SMARTER project at 73rd Annual Meeting 2022 @ Porto, Portugal
The 73rd EAAP Annual Meeting will be held from 5th to 9th September 2022 in Porto, the marvellous city of Portugal. SMARTER representatives will join this important event to present project activities and the first[...]

AIM= study how genetic selection can help to increase resilience and efficiency in small ruminants (sheep and goats) in their environments and across a range of diverse environments

SMARTER =multiactor H2020 EUproject, €7 ml€, 4 years

13 countries, 27 partners (50% academic / 50% non-academic)

Around 30 Stakeholder partners to disseminate SMARTER results

46 breeds, 40 breeding organisations, 5,000 farmers

1,5 million sheep and goats (20% of EU’s livestock and impact on 70%)

Shared data: 500,000 phenotyped /70,000 genotyped animals