Other communication activities

SMARTER representatives will attend numerous events where the latest project developments, progresses and results will be presented to the audience.


  • INIA-UY Communication Campaign: Pro Ovinos- Towards the recovery of the national sheep flock and its value chains on Charrúa TV, 11th June 2021.
  • AUTH interview on ERT National Greek TV channel, 19th April 2021.
  • NSG interview Måler utslipp fra sau on Telemark (Norwegian National TV), to inform the civil society about methane emission measurements on sheep, 1st February 2021.
  • NSG radio interview on methane emission from sheep. Channel NRK P1+, program “Ferievikarene”, 1st July 2020.
  • NSG interview on measurement of methane emission from sheep in the PAC equipment as a part of the SMARTER project. TV program ” NRK – Oslo og Viken”, 24th June 2020.
  • INRAE interview on BOUDU magazine, December 2018.

Industry events 

  • ARAL organized 5 meetings with Italian goats’ breeders and technicians (from July 2020 to October 2021) to give an update on SMARTER project, WP7 interview and survey presentation.
  • IDELE, RDF and INRAE organised three meetings to give an update on SMARTER project to French stakeholders (breeders and breeding organisations), especially on-farm protocols (WP1 &WP2) and about SMARTER program: 1) Virtual meeting (23rd February 2021), oral presentation; 2) Virtual meeting (3rd June 2021), presentation: “CTOA_Smarter”; 3) Saint -Affrique (France, 22nd June 2021), oral presentation.
  • IDELE, RDF and INRAE organised some meetings to give an update on SMARTER project to French stakeholders (breeders and breeding organisations), especially on-farm protocols (WP1 &WP2) and present the first results: 1) Langeac (France, 2nd -3rd September 2020), two presentations: “SMARTER Phénotypage en ferme OA” and “SMARTER rappel project”; 2) Virtual meeting (29th September 2020), presentation: “Dissemination_FGE_CTOA_SMARTER_GTG_WP1”; 3) Gaillac (France, 20th October 2020)presentation: “OVIN LAITIER – protocole SMARTER brebis – campagne 2020”.
  • INIA-UY participated to the event Corriedale 2030 in Montevideo (Uruguay, 16th September 2020) with the presentation: “CORRIEDALE 2030, Project pitch and productive results”.
  • SRUC organised an online workshop “Q&A session regarding sheep breeding topics with RISS sheep data group” to discuss Concepts and application of R&D (19th August 2020).
  • IDELE, RDF, INRAE and CAPGENES participated to the virtual France Génétique Elevage meeting (25th June 2020) to give an update on SMARTER project to French stakeholders (breeders and breeding organisations), especially on-farm protocols (WP1 &WP2). Presentation: Dissemination FGE”
  • SRUC and TEXELS organised an online workshop “Discussion – Key aspects of using VIA data for carcass evaluation” to discuss results and potential future implementation (29th April 2020).
  • INIA-UY made a presentation “Proposal for genetic research with the Texel breed” during the Texel Breeders Meeting (INIA Las Brujas, Canelones, Uruguay, 22nd January 2020).
  • IDELE organised a meeting with French breeders in Paris (France, 28th June 2019) to give them update on the protocols and get feedback.
  • ARAL organized 11 meetings with Italian goats’ breeders (from January 2019 to January 2020) to present SMARTER project.
  • SRUC presented SMARTER activities to industry at the following events: a) iTEXEL (17/11/2018); b) Industry meeting (held virtually on 29/04/2019) with key abattoir sector and terminal sire sheep meat breeders to showcase proposed new abattoir-derived carcass evaluation and health traits; c) Sheep Breeders’ Round Table November (15-17/11/2019). And during the following Industry Events: a) Highland Sheep (12/06/2019); b) National Sheep Association North Sheep (5/05/2019); c) Royal Highland Show (20-23 June 2019).


  • NSG provided information about GHG emission and GHG actions at the Norwegian Association of Sheep and Goat Breeders to the students at the agricultural university NMBU. Presentation: “Klimatiltak i NSG” (18/08/2021).
  • INIA-UY participated in the Iberoamerican Researchers’ Night (part of European Researchers’ Night)  in Montevideo (Uruguay, 27th November 2020) with the proposal “Spain-Uruguay linked by sheep: from the Adelantados to genomics”. It was an activity aimed at high school students and the general public. The current research proposal related to SMARTER project was also presented. The full presentation can be found on YouTube.
  • TEAGASC participated in a panel discussion in the “breeding and genetics session” within the TEAGASC sheep virtual week 2020, (22/09/2020).
  • INIA-UY made a presentation “It is possible to innovate in sheep: the case of Fine Merino in Uruguay” at the Veterinary Faculty course in Montevideo (Uruguay, 21st August 2020).
  • NSG provided information on project activities about portable accumulation chambers (PAC) equipment to measure methane emission of sheeps on commercial farms to the Norwegian Agricultural University (three times between November 2018 – April 2020) and the Landbrukets Klimaselskap AS (consortium of 16 Norwegian agricultural organizations).
  • INRAE made an oral presentation of the project during the joint event organized in Brussels by Fitter Livestock Farming “What R&I can deliver to support climate mitigation and adaptation in livestock farming” (Belgium, 6th November 2019) Moreover, a poster was presented and some brochures distributed.
  • Visit of Interbull Center in Uppsala (Sweden, 27th – 28th May 2019). IDELE presentation: “SMARTER: a European project on selection on efficiency and resilience in small ruminants with strong ICAR commitment and implication”.
  • UNILEON presented SMARTER activities within ASSAFE management committees, in collaboration with OVIGEN (June 2019) and within the ANCHE Breeding program management committee (21st May 2019 in Palencia, Spain).